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Pennsylvania’s Most Experienced Headshot Photographer

George Sheldon knows how to work with models, actors, musicians, entertainers, dancers, business persons, real estate agents, and professionals to make them look great and to create the perfect headshot.

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Head Shot Photography in PA

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All Kinds of Headshot Photos Available from George Sheldon Photography

Need a headshot?

Promotion – Model – Actor – Business – Personal – Social Media – Portfolio

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You have to ask yourself some tough questions.

  • Who is your target audience?
  • Who are you trying to impress?
  • What message do you want to send?
  • Will you stand out or be passed over?

I do headshots – for actors, models, musicians, entertainers, professionals, sales, marketing, and business people. Each have their own style. Click here for more information about business portraits.

It has been said that a picture is worth a 1,000 words! And it really is!

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How good do you look in your latest mugshot?

 So what is your current mugshot saying about you?

No matter who you are or what your goals are you need to put your best and most appropriate face forward. When your target audience is viewing hundreds or thousands of choice, they decide very quickly.

And you know how it really works – before you meet with someone, don’t you use Google to see what they look like? That image is what you will remember. And that’s what someone will do to you, too.  Are you ready now to be Googled? If not, schedule your headshot photo session now.

I know what you need.

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Head Shot Photo Service

All George Sheldon headshots include:

  • Affordable and sensible prices (my fee starts at just $75)
  • Retouching of your chosen Image
  • Travel to client’s home or on-location
  • Image delivery electronically in 24 hrs.
  • Unlimited and Unrestricted Usage (often called a copyright release)
  • Extras available, if wanted (delivery on DVD or Thumb-drive, prints, etc.)


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George Sheldon Headshot Photography

What Others Have Said About George Sheldon’s Headshots Photography



You were right. The pictures you took are great. I would never have believed you could make me look so great. I am having trouble picking the one I like the best!


Great service, George.  Thanks for getting this done on such short notice for me.


Hey George,

Just wanted to let you about that headshot photo you made for my daughter on Tuesday — she got an agent already! The first agent that saw it immediately accepted her as a client. Thank you! We can’t believe she got an agent already.And to think, it is only Thursday! Is that a record or what?!?!


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