Thursday, July 4, 2019

Now Selling on HipPostcard

Lancaster County Amish Buggy Exiting a Covered Bridge

I've just opened a store to sell postcards on Hippostcards,  My new store name is, of course, Sheldon Trading Junction.  The store will work in sync with my eBay store.

This is the first time I have added another platform to sell postcards. This is the link to the SheldonTradingJunction store on Hippostcards.

More Lancaster County Amish Cards Listed

Work continues on getting some older Chrome postcards of Lancaster County Amish listed for sale. These are images of postcards that I have just placed for sale in my eBay store. Additional ones will be listed soon.

A New Home for Sheldon Trading Junction

Welcome to the new home for Sheldon Trading Junction . We sell postcards actively on eBay. Our Store is located here . The store has been...